Friday, August 17, 2007

The Audacity of Dopes: Sweet Christ, How Many of These Idiots' Votes Can I Possibly Offset?

From the Post. One woman's rationale for voting for the slavering mountebank, Rudolph Giuliani:

Melissa Curiel, 34, brought her daughter to meet the former mayor. "He was there on 9/11, and that makes him an awesome person," said Curiel, describing herself as a committed Giuliani voter.
Wow. Talk about a sliding scale for "awesomeness." If you can manage to bumble around New York City in a shellshocked, ineffectual daze on 9-11, guess what? You're presidential material!

Of course, there were a bunch of totally awesome firefighters that were "there on 9/11," too. But when the call went out on the broken-ass Fisher Price toy radios Rudy Giuliani had given them to get the hell out of the World Trade Center, nobody heard it! And then there was a loud boom, and suddenly those firefighters weren't "there on 9/11" anymore, no sir! I guess that's when they stopped being awesome!

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John Robie said...

It's Republican voter logic - in 2004 Bush Was The Only One Who Could Keep Us Safe(TM) based on his experience as the only president to ever allow a massive terrorist attack on American soil. Similarly, based on his experience as a massively unpopular mayor of New York, Giuliani is the clear heir to the Bush legacy of massive unpopularity.