Monday, August 20, 2007

The DCeiver Responds To The Comments Made By Idolator In Their Reponse To The Question Posed By Spin's Rilo Kiley Cover

Idolator, ostensible "music" blog:

"Jenny Lewis isn't fit to carry the train of one of Stevie's '80s nightmare frocks and Lindsay Buckingham wouldn't have killed Blake Lewis and used his corpse's sternum as a pale, scrawny coffee table to do lines off of."
It's Blake SENNETT, you great big DUMBFUCK.

The next time you consider making some historical ur-rock commentary, try to keep your American Idol hardons at bay. KTHXBAI!

(The good news of course, is that their dumbfuckery is, as always, infinitely preferable to their being utter crashing bores.)

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