Friday, August 17, 2007

DCeptette: Black Holes and Revelations

  1. Don Whiteside couldn't be more correct. Side note: I often hear, among the complaints where day-laborers are concerned, that one of their deleterious effects is that their presence lowers property values. Which makes me pretty much pro-day laborer! Oye! Come to my neighborhood! [Metroblogging DC]
  2. I had thought that Jon Stewart went a little overboard pummeling that Dick Cheney biographer last night, until I read today how that dude's main argument in defense of Cheney has become the hot talking point where getting him out in public is concerned: like, "...while his views may be crazy and alarmist, his public presentation of them isn't." Uhm...what? "When he's ventured out of the undisclosed location, he's actually been a much more compelling spokesman for the Administration than the President." So there you have it, folks! When Dick Cheney ventured out of his undisclosed location to shoot his best friend in the face, that was all just a part of the essential pageantry of compelling spokesmanry. [Yglesias]
  3. It pains me that this happened first to us...but my word: it really is beautiful. [Deadspin]
  4. Jeffrey Chodorow crafts his hand-written complaint: "Frank Bruni has to stop physically hurting my feelings and dashing my hopes!" [Gawker]
  5. Classy, cover. But the real worry is the improper use on punctuation. [BWE]

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