Tuesday, August 07, 2007

DCeptette: A Good Day For Bad Ideas

  1. Or for the love of crimony. Please tell me the makers of 24 are kidding. Jack Bauer's going to fight global warming?? What's next? Is he going to take on gambling addiction? Diabetes? Existential ennui? Fuck--we know that the possibilities become somewhat circumscribed after saving the planet repeatedly. But we were hoping for a series reboot that scaled back the threat scope into a story with real intrigue. At this point, our suggestion of having a comedy season of 24 where they plan the CTU Christmas party is looking better and better. (Besides, Joel Surnow has already dome his part for environmentalism by daring to dream of a Los Angeles in which traffic is so light that one can just zip around at will and get virtually anywhere in twenty minutes.) [Washington Post]
  2. Sometimes, they come back. And by "they," I mean the disgraced zombie incompetents of corporate America. [Consumerist]
  3. Sorry, but the Hawk and Dove's official policy of disallowing unaccompanied Marines into their bar is utterly repellent. Even after wading through various anecdotal tales of unruly Marine patrons, I can't in any way get behind it. Sorry, but I think centuries of bars have established pretty basic guidelines and precedents for dealing with the brawlers and shitheels--by all means, toss the fucks, ban them from your establishment, and do so with no regrets or concern to whether or not they're serving the country in any specific capacity. But what Hawk and Dove is doing isn't right--so much Typical Bullshit (punishing the 90% for the sins of the 10%; slippery slope stumbling that can lead to all sorts of additional discrimination). That said, they've got the right to decide who comes into their place, and, at least they're entirely up front about it, thus allowing me to say, unequivocally, that owner Paul Meagher is an outright punk and that no one within the sound of my voice should continue to patronize their establishment. [DCist]
  4. And to make my point more clearly: surely the worst the Corps has to offer is better than the typical gathering of 311 fans. [Bostonist]
  5. John Catoe is idiotically mulling shuttering the Metro's late-night service. Horrible idea. And unrealistic, too. In all likelihood, DC will, over time, only continue to progress toward the status of a full 24/7 city--what city won't? It's just not realistic to be doing anything other than planning for an expansion of Metro's hours. A better idea would be to target stations for closure based on ridership and proximity (e.g. Surely Farragut West and McPherson Square don't always have to open). [DCist]

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Rusty said...

I'm getting a load of flak for speaking out against the ridiculous restrictions on Marines at my site.

The people defending this policy are idiots. If it were any group other than a military unit being discriminated against, people would probably be up in arms about it.