Thursday, August 23, 2007

DCeptette: Tickety-Tockety

  1. It was a visceral pleasure reading Matty parry yet another idiotic piece of spew about how effective torture can be with his typical adroitness. But that pleasure is tempered by the fact that many seemingly important people are walking around ignoring the prima facie problems with the torture argument. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: the inherent stupidity of the so-called "ticking time-bomb scenario" is so boundless, that to believe in it, you simply must have your brain switched off. If you have a suspect under torture on the suspicion that he knows something about a ticking time bomb, your chief problem is that, uhm...he might know something about a ticking time bomb! And, armed with that knowledge, can easily manipulate the circumstances so that he both avoids the torture and ensures the detonation of said bomb. And Lord help you if he knows nothing about said time bomb! But, even worse is the fact that advocating torture puts our own servicemen at risk, and worser still is that you simply cannot decry an enemy's use of torture, abduction, beheading and rape, turn around and engage in those same practices, and expect me to buy into your "clash of civilization" scenario. [Yglesias]
  2. Holy shit. Pray for the safety of Pete Doherty's cats. [BWE]
  3. MEATCAKE! From the people who will help me convince brother-in-law to deep fry the Thanksgiving turkey this year. (Really, meatcake is cool where mashed potato martinis--and yes, they exist, and were served at a company event I attended, and were roundly received as either "Mashed potato, what?" or "Huh, wha? Martinis?"--failed.) [PIAB]
  4. Sommer, smokin'. [Washingtonian]
  5. The mascot for the Pittsburgh Steelers apparently injured a pair on construction workers. [WJLA]

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