Monday, August 27, 2007

DC's Media Hotties Demonstrate Uselessness of Media in August

If there's any further need of proof that fully vindicates the hottness of Kriston Capps and Catherine Andrews, it comes in the form of the fact that nobody....can....stop...writing...about...them! Jeez, Louise! Wasn't Fishbowl's contest, like, a year ago? And months before that, didn't the Ron Paul campaign basically prove that all online polls are basically infinitely hackable? Yet, I guess there really is nothing to write about anymore, because this online poll--which placed precisely NOTHING at stake and was an exercise in inside baseball in its conception--is suddenly sweeping national news. Freakonomics is talking about this stuff, now, because I guess the radical frisson of developing terror scenarios didn't turn out to be as sustainable as everyone thought!

But what really throws this whole matter over the edge is the first sentence from this Poynter post, which was reproduced over at KnoxNews (this shit has gotten to KNOXVILLE?? Really?!). "Media credibility takes another hit."

Oh, puh-lee-eee-eee-ease! The only hit to the credibility of the media is that nobody....can....stop...writing...about... this contest!

Editors! Before you assign another story or reaction to the Fishbowl HOTTNESS Contest, stop yourselves, reflect on the fact that there's probably a sizable portion of the population that still thinks Saddam Hussein caused the September 11th attacks, and reallocate those resources in the service of articles that are titled: "HEY, BY THE WAY, IRAQ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9-11!" You will be doing the cause of "media credibility" a GREAT SERVICE.

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Becks said...

They were on CNN this weekend. Not The TV channel.