Friday, August 31, 2007

Douchebag Slapfight at the City Paper!

In the clearest sign yet that we are reaching the last days of the pre-Creative Loafing era at the City Paper, an editorial catfight has broken out on their blog between celebrated twit Jason Cherkis and former music critic Michael Little. It's hard to pick who to root for. Little was the writer behind the City Paper's infamous anti-Fugazi cover story--a piece that deafeningly shrieked, "Hey! I Know! Let's be Contrarian For The Sake of Being Contrarian For the 34,576,821,297th Time!" And Cherkis...well, he's Cherkis. Aw, hell--you know who we're rooting for!

The CP's music blog is astoundingly superfluous, after all. And when we think, Cherkisian highlights to the world of music, we think: eager beaver contributor to the Pazz and Jop mediocrogasm, his trenchant use of Rites of Spring to prove to his roommates and landlord that he is just the sort of nightmarish jackass they all suspect he is, complaining that music blogs don't do enough to move Rod Stewart albums, and, of course, being the mastermind behind the most gallingly pretentious website on the face of the earth, Econoculture.

Econoculture stepped in shit right from its outset, alienating a coterie of bloggers (including a number of then-prominent music bloggers whose link traffic Econoculture could have used) by labelling them as racists for daring to like Sufjan Stevens (this from a guy who thinks he's down because he's got a copy of that Congotronics record every indie kid was ordered to buy, along with a copy of that vetted-for-maximum-suburban-crossover-potential grime compilation Run the Road, aka Now That's What I Call Grime, I Think, Maybe. I have to imagine that Cherkis saw Econoculture as his ticket to something other than d'baggin' it up at the CP, but unfortunately, predictably, foundered, sputtered, and is now by the looks of things deader than a doornail because they haven't done squat since mid-July and the last ad sold appears to have come from Stephanie Effing Mencimer.

The key quote from Little that touched this little tete-a-tete off was his contention that he "could write a better and more entertaining blog with our asshole." He's clearly not familiar with Econoculture, because my asshole outdid that thing the last time I wiped myself.

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Jeffers said...

"Contrarian for the sake of being contrarian"? I dunno, all is see here is the act of calling a spade a spade, or in this case, a preachy no-fuck a preachy no-fuck. Fugazi, the sonic equivalent of the piss shudder.