Thursday, August 09, 2007

Multitude of Casualties

This is probably, "too soon," as they say, but really: does anyone really have any doubt that the recent bridge collapse in Minneapolis is going to spawn, like--SEVEN new Hold Steady songs? After all, CNN hasn't yet said whether Charlemagne survived or not. I mean, I can feel Craig Finn waxing philosophical from here.

The Hold Steady, w/ Art Brut present
"Theories in Indie Rock Authenticity, or 'Suck On It, Avent!'"
The 9:30 Club
November 20, 2007

Would somebody please think of the children camps down by the banks of the Mississippi River?


Blogs t r e t c h said...

It's been far, far too long since "Suck on it, Avent!" was used properly. Thank you, Mr. Ver.

EJ Takes Life said...

He made some semi-mumbly but obviously well-intentioned comments to this effect at Lollapalooza: "This next one goes out to anyone in Minneapolis who was affected by the... thing... or anyone here, knows anyone who was." Rock and roll!

ryan said...

You know who else is authentic? That Fred Thompson. With his Tennessee aphorisms.

But yeah, I continue to suck on it.

the g said...

oh come on, mattos. i use "suck on it, Avent!" thrice weekly. maybe not properly, though.