Friday, August 31, 2007

"My children EXPECT this movie!" More on D-War!

The Pyggies, spreading awesomeness throughout the land, as is their wont, turned the world (outside of Dave Robson, who's probably got a bootlegged copy of it at home already) on to D-War. Which you know by now, since I posted an entry on my overwhelmed excitement like 45 seconds ago.

So, I showed the trailer to Wife of DCeiver, and, as you might expect, her vagina exploded at the sight of all those dragons. So, she's up ON it. As is her wont, we went to check out the movie's listing at the IMDB.

There, we found the most scrumtrilescent user comment in the whole world:

"To expect well made file for our children...."
By Ellessa Khim

Coming soon? When it comes in malasia? My children, interested in monster movies, expect this movie. It seems that everyone who hated this movie must have written a review, so I thought I'd throw in my two luingit to even things up a bit. First, if you assume every movie is made simply to uppercut some sort of ideology into the audience's chest, then yes, it does seem very racist, xenophobic, and the like. However, this film is based on a South Korean's legend! The Serpents were some of the most terrible monsters, however, evil or good to be more imagination, which was not an kingkong or gozzila fighting for nothing purpose. Should they have been portrayed differently simply to satisfy the current political climate? Are you mad? The cheesy one-liners are also evidence that this movie IS BASED ON A SOUTH KOREAN LEGEND.

So, the $64,000 question is:

To which I declaim: Aw, HELL, yes! Until now, I had no idea that every cheesy one-liner I'd ever heard was BASED ON SOUTH KOREAN LEGEND! It's evidence!

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most helpful comment ever. about anything.