Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pants Off Dance Off

Not long ago, an emailer sought to solicit comment on the ongoing michegas between that crazy-ass judge Roy Pearson and his eleventy kabillion dollar lawsuit against Custom Cleaners of DC. I don't really know what I can possibly add to the coverage we've offered over at DCist, other than to say Pearson is a complete loon and that you can contribute monies to the Custom Cleaners Legal Defense Fund here.

The Powers That Be have apparently been vacillating on whether Pearson should be allowed to keep his job. Realistically, I don't see how that can happen. That Pearson's, uhm...judgement should be questioned is evident in his lawsuit. Nevertheless, you can't entirely blame the people in charge for hedging their bets at the moment. After all, Pearson is demonstrably sue-crazy, and, if, having canned his ass, he manages to win his appeal, you can bet your bottom dollar he'll file some unholy wrongful termination suit.

I guess, my main worry is that this case will be used as ammunition by the tort-reform goombahs, who thrust their fists against the posts and still insist that everytime I have spilled coffee on myself, it's perfectly reasonable to expect third degree burns and debridement treatments (which has never happened...I guess I am some sort of super-hero!). What will get lost, of course, is that as insane as Pearson's case is, the system has so far worked!

Anyway, I guess I might feel differently if I could somehow manage to form some sort of deep, sentimental attachment to a particular pair of pants. But that hasn't happened yet, and I chalk that up to my being not a complete fucking imbecile.


KCinDC said...

Maybe Pearson isn't really crazy but just working for the American Tort Reform Assocation.

DCSOBloop said...

Pearson - another quality graduate of the Northwestern University School of Law! This is why I scrub my own damn pants on a rock along the Lake Michigan shoreline rather than trust them to some naer-do-well dry cleaner.