Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Print Media: So Adorable

Wonkette points out the unfortunate reality of all those media outlets still stuck in the fucking Gutenberg Age (by which we mean Johannes and "printing press," not Steve and "Police Academy Movies," though the principle is much the same):

“With more than a year left in the fading Bush presidency, Karl Rove’s worst days in the White House may still lie ahead of him.”

— First sentence of the lead story in the September Atlantic.
Similarly, GQ, on Karl Rove's AWESOME-AH POWAH!

Plame hurt. The midterms hurt. But Rove’s still among the few people who get on-demand one-on-one time in the Oval. His legendary—and, after ’06, revenge-oriented—electoral mind will be a valuable resource to the GOP’s eventual nominee.
In Washington, DC, I believe this is what is known as "getting Garrett Graffed."

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