Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some Reporters are Bigger than Others

Recent stories in the news got us thinking about one of our favorite episodes of The West Wing, "On the Day Before," in which press secretary CJ Cregg responds to a cheap shot from a trifling-ass fashion reporter caught out of her depths in the White House Press Room by calling her out in front of her colleagues:

C.J. Cregg: Well, I'm not gonna get into the details of the diplomatic exchange. There'll be more on that tomorrow. I'm told at this moment the House is getting ready to vote on the override of the President's veto, and I know you'll all want to cover that. Since this is the President's first veto, I thought it might be helpful if we brushed up on the rules. Sherri, can you tell us how many votes it takes to override a veto?

Sherri Wexler: I'm sorry?

C.J.: How many votes does it take to override, Sherri?

Wexler: A majority.

C.J.: Actually, it takes two thirds.

Wexler: Yes, a two-thirds majority.

C.J.: Yeah, 290. And how many votes does it take to sustain? [pause] That should be easy. You just subtract 290 from the total number of members in the House, and add one.

Wexler: [Nods.]

C.J.: How many people sit in the House of Representatives, Sherri?

[uncomfortable pause as Wexler can't answer the question]

C.J.: Okay, maybe you can get the notes from a classmate.

Ahh, yes. The memories. It makes one wonder, would Clinton-cleavage maven Robin Givhan fare any better?

Let's hope so! Some say she won a Pulitzer!

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