Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Your Move, Capital Fringe Festival!

Hey, you people know I am a huge fan of the now two-years-old Capital Fringe Festival. Damian Sinclair and Julianne Brienza are the heroes, as far as I'm concerned. That said, if we're ever to get it up to the point where it is the equal of the venerable and beloved Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it's going to have to get edgier.

Much, much edgier, apparently


unrequited said...

You are right! It takes time. I believe this year we saw some edgier work. To me it is up to the community to see Fringe as a time and space to try new things - not just join the marketing band wagon to make some extra cash. It is our job ( Fringe ) to make it as risk free as we can - and nurture those folks that get it.

Next year will bring even more...Thanks for supporting us!

The Deceiver said...

Hey Julianne! My post was actually sort of tongue in cheek (though you and Damian ARE the heroes--I mean that sincerely!). Click on the link provided to see why!