Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Deers are the New Wolves

As most of you know, I'm no fan of animal collectives. Or, indeed, Animal Collective, who reign supreme over the crapulent wing of the indie-rock universe. During the siege of Wolf bands from two years ago, I was struck how the Lupine banner seems to wave over an onslaught of dizzying suck--Wolf Parade, AIDS Wolf, Wolf Eyes, etc. There were others, but not even the blogs that rallied for them can remember them now. Recently, I feel this trend has been reversed--Patrick Wolf and Le Loup have done what they can to redeem the species.

Once this distrust of wolf bands was launched in me, however, it began to spread into other sub-taxonomies of rock. This trend may well become a problem as my mind gets more and more addled and the rock bands of the world run out of possible names. (Ask Leafblower to update you on his current list of band names he can no longer tell apart.) This has impacted my judgement on other bands, perhaps unfairly. For instance--I think we can all agree that Deerhoof is like listening to the death throes of a stillborn hyena, and because of this, I've been disinclined to give the band Deerhunter a chance. Luckily, after seeing this picture, I've grown a legitimate reason to not listen to them:

Jesus Christ! Did there ever come a Deerhunter so malnourished looking? Holy shit! Would somebody at these guy's label put the fucking bong down for a minute and HELP THIS GUY?

UPDATE: Well I stand corrected! He's got Marfan's Syndrome! And that means he's actually making most indie rockers look wussy by comparison.

At least the Wolves all look to be appropriately well-fed.


Coeus said...

Agreed. And blame all those music blogs for their infatuation with animal names. But, apparently the guy suffers from Marfan Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Um, he suffers from Marfan Syndrome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marfan_syndrome)

Anonymous said...

He's skinny because he has a genetic disorder (Marfan's syndrome), it's not an eating problem.

PK said...

Just because he's hunting deer, that doesn't mean he's CATCHING them.

The Deceiver said...

Wow! Isn't that what bin Laden is rumored to have? Guess people with marfans have a real sticktoitiveness streak. Shee-yit: I stand corrected!

KCinDC said...

Some people think Lincoln had it.