Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Eli Roth's Hurt Feelings

Eli Roth has a right to be Hostel, apparently. His pictures have been persecuted by Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwartzbaum, who recently wrote a sidebar in the magazine expressing how she'd never go to see a film from the "torture porn" subgenre. You'd think a confident film director wouldn't give the comments of a critic a second thought, but Roth's movies haven't been doing so well lately, so it's gotta be someone's fault! Might as well be Lisa's.

Roth seems to think he's making a point when he says, "Would you not watch Three Kings because there's torture in it? What about Marathon Man?" Because those two movies announced themselves as feckless vehicles for all manner of outre violence, right? At any rate, I think we can all agree that the next time Roth makes a movie of Marathon Man quality will be the first time.

Still, that's not Roth at his most crazy-faced:

"I'm not saying you have to like every movie made, but you do have to see every movie made if you're going to be a critic..."
Uhm...really? Even Kuffs?

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Robson said...

I'm pretty sure Roth meant that you needed to see every film being made presently in order to be a critic (so one wouldn't have to sit through KUFFS).

But that's just a minor quibble - he's still wrong.