Sunday, September 02, 2007

A few further notes on App State-Michigan

1. My brother runs the recreation department of some high-toned resort in Blowing Rock, NC called Chetola. According to our dad, ever since the Woofereens got put on the schedule, he has greeted visitors from Michigan to Chetola by asking them, "Are you scared?" I guess now they know what he meant!

2. One thing I'm wondering about is this: with a first down at the Michigan 5 yard line and 30 seconds left on the clock, why did App. State kick a field goal and leave time on the clock? Surely it would have made sense to run a play, moving the ball to a less steep angle and bringing the clock down so the Woofs had no time to mount a last-second drive. As I said before, I didn't get to see the game...were there extenuating circumstances? WHY DID THEY DO THAT?

3. You know, it occurs to me, both Michigan and App. State are no strangers to big games. Michigan begins each year hunting for a national title, and has big-time, lights-on-the-marquee games each year with Notre Dame and Ohio State. App. State's won national titles the past two years. Still, I'm guessing Michigan fans were a little surprised that the Mountaineers didn't wither under pressure as the game reached its conclusion. Here's what they didn't account for: when Michigan takes the field, they know their season is riding on the opinions of sportswriters and the results generated by a computer. When App. State takes the field, they know that their season is riding on winning the game on the field. Food for thought.

4. And, in other news, UVa rolled over and played dead at Wyoming yesterday. WYOMING!! What the HELL? I officially have no fucking idea what's going on there anymore, and I expect to hear from all the people who thought we should have never got rid of George Welsh/running the ball up the gut on 3rd-and-19/while helmets/the tradition of wearing ties and Laura Ashley dresses to games/the tradition of not having a Jumbotron/the Tree House/the Pep Band.

Actually, we should have never gotten rid of the Pep Band. Our marching band blows.


PK said...

Did you see the stunning stat in the Post this morning: That UVA's two worst offensive performances in the last 27 years were its LAST TWO GAMES?!

abe said...

Best comment I've seen on App State's win and it was in the Detroit Free Press this morning.
"Some kids from Appalachian State came down from the Blue Ridge Mountains and delivered a sermon in Michigan Stadium, before 109,000 non-believers. Goliath falls." --Mitch Albon

Z said...

For Sale: One Fuck Lion (never used)

Coeus said...

Final 1:45 in case you hadn't seen it yet:

divine ms k said...

They got rid of the Tree House??!!??

z said...

Final 0:30 in case you haven't seen it yet from the nosebleeds: