Saturday, September 01, 2007

HAAAAA! SUCK IT, Wolverines!

Damn! Game winning figgie, stuffed! Crazy!

At least one person I know, called this upset. Brother of DCeiver, who called it and, it should be noted, picked App. State to win the day this game was put on the schedule. He's in Boone this very minute. He was at a bar--the FIRE MARSHALL was there--and was on the phone with my dad when they blocked the try. Dad says there was this unholy screaming noise and then the phone went dead. I cannot imagine what's happening to my brother right now.

App. State thus bounces back from the news that Miss Teen South Carolina Wordpower and her maps fetish will be attending next year.

Oh, and fuck ESPN for not breaking away from the crap they were showing to bring us the end of the game. I had to watch on the interwebs.

Oh, well, off to see how the Deadspinners are taking this.

Wow. Nuts! Suck it, Michigan!

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Megan said...

As a native Ohioan (ergo, OSU fan) I fully support this win. Suck it indeed, Michigan...