Sunday, September 09, 2007

Redskins vs. Dolphins.

If there's any interesting minutiae to this game, look for it here:

1st Quarter
Oh, I've forgotten just how asinine color commentary can be. The color guy is going on and on in amazement that the Dolphins have installed a "silent offense." They can run it "with hand signals!" He really is stunned by this commonplace NFL practice. Just wait till he sees the nets behind the goalposts!

2nd Quarter
So, pretty shovel-pass to Betts. Pete Kendall is lead-blocking, only he's got no one to block! Gosh, Pete, where might the tacklers be, if they aren't in front of you? Behind, maybe? If Kendall just stops to pick off Betts' eventual tackler, Betts makes it to the end zone, we get off the field, and Jon Jansen doesn't get injured. It's fun to run down the field, Pete, but do your job. If Jansen goes down for the season (curse of Bo Schembechler continues!), remember that play.

Bad commentary:
"Jansen has suffered a dislocated right ankle."

"Well...uhm...that is...uhhh...a real bad...duhhh...ummm...set of circumstances..."

Gee, thanks.

The defense looks like it's back!

This may be stupid:
I am "live-blogging" something I am watching on TiVo.

Bad Commentary:
Apparently, we should all be paying attention to Roger Federer. He just might be doing something extraordinary.

Excellent call by Cam Cameron--on 3rd and goal from the one, the best defenses are completely discombobulated. And even if he hadn't gotten the touchdown, he'd have served notice anyway. That was a really great drive by the Fins. Sucks to be us right now!

Third Quarter:
Slant-restraint watch:
First quick-slant of the season with 14:01 to play in the third.

Fuck, yes!
Nice pass from the Savior. And then, Clinton. Tell me you don't see that moment when Clinton realizes a run is about to get tasty!

Troubling sign:
This has turned into an exciting game, now. And that's too bad, because serious playoff-bound teams aren't going to end up in close games with the Dolphins.

Slant-restraint watch:
Second quick-slant of the season with 3:01 to play in the third.

Fourth quarter:

I believe in many of the Redskins players, but if you are counting on any of them to win a "one-on-one battle" in the end zone, leave Brandon Lloyd out of that. Brandon Lloyd couldn't win a one-on-one battle with his reflection in the mirror.

Really questionable commentary:
Antwaan Randle-El, "terrorizing college football." Great.

Didn't understand that call, at all. Abrupt movement? You can't move abruptly? I'd understand if the double-shift--which was illegal--caused the offsides. But it looks like Cooley started his shift after the defender committed the penalty. I think that should have been a first down for us. But, it's great that Gibbs went for it all the same.

Man, this is not the time for a massively shitty defensive series from Carlos Rogers. When's he gonna prove he was worth the draft pick? TIE GAME. Jesus. A tie game with the Dolphins.

Actually, it's a good thing Randle-El got his hands on that ball at all. The Dolphin defender was right behind the ball on that play, and would have taken that back unmolested.

Ugh. Can't believe we're in overtime against the Dolphins. Randle-El gets to pad his receiving stats with that carom-catch.

Well, great playcalling in overtime. The Dolphins needed to bring everyone to get a pass rush of any kind on third-and-seven, and Campbell made them pay, hitting Cooley. That was the stop Miami needed, and they didn't get it. The rest, academic. Washington wins 16-13.

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