Thursday, September 06, 2007

Under the Craplight

Wow, when Cat said she found the newest Rilo Kiley album to be sucktastic, I found it really, really, hard to believe. I'd only really paid attention to "The Moneymaker," and I found it to be quite the hottness. But now that I'm finally listening to the whole record, I find myself in regretful, yet enthusiastic agreement. It's an immense disappointment -- and the immensely disappointing parts are among it's better moments. Seriously: how the band could have heard the playback of the song "Dejalo" and concluded that it was anything other than a Miami Sound Machine-aping embarrassment is one of life's great mysteries. Gads. Awful.

UPDATE: "Smoke Detector?" "Give A Little Love?" WTF is this shit?

1 comment:

Kyle said...

It's a bad Edie Brickell record. A very bad one.