Tuesday, October 02, 2007

DCeptette: Serenely dribbling

  1. In which the Nabob fails to learn the carbo-loading lessons taught by The Office. [PIAB]
  2. The Bush administration has apparently hired some woman named Debra Cagan to work at the Pentagon, and the fact that she goes abroad and freely admits to foreign leaders that she simply, flat-out hates all Iranians is only the second-most terrifying thing about her. The most terrifying thing about her is that she looks like Alan Cumming after a semen facial has been allowed to crystallize on her face and hair. Be warned, as one commenter aptly puts it, your penis will fail to function ever again when you see this woman's visage. Unless of course, you are Paul Wolfowitz. [Wonkette]
  3. My coworker Kristen has officially put Britney on suicide watch after today's sensible ruling that her kids would be better off lost at sea for all eternity than to remain under her crazy-faced care. Nevertheless, I remain concerned that the real threat to mankind has not been defeated or contained, and by that, I am referring to Kevin Federline's remorseless, implacable spermatazoa, which could probably impregnate the corpse of Boris Yeltsin at this point. F'reals, y'all. I totes believe that if I walked into a room with K-Fed carrying a dozen eggs, we'd be feasting on free-range game hens by nightfall. [BWE]
  4. Gridskipper surveys DC's late-nite eats. A modest proposal: let's double these offerings by the end of 2008, shall we? [Gridskipper]
  5. I review Okkervil River. [DCist]

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