Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DCeptette: Stepp On!

  1. Oooh, snap! Rusty and cohort deliver a finely-tuned takedown of Laura Sessions Stepp. Prosecutorial, even. Hats off! [WhyIHateDC]
  2. Apparently, voters find Christopher Dodd to be more evil than Tom Tancredo. Ordinarily, we'd remark on the cognitive dissonance on display, but we're guessing that this has gone a long way to making Tancredo cry, so we'll leave it be.
  3. WTF times infinity, obvs. [Wonkette]
  4. Vanessa Grigoriadis, sizing up the slings and arrows thrown in the direction of she and her spouse by Gawker, asks herself, "Are we ridiculous?" We don't know! Though when your next sentence is: "Perhaps a little, and I was contemplating this, nervously, when I got a call from my new mother-in-law, who had received the news by way of a Google alert on her son’s name." Really? Your husband's mother has a Google alert on her son's name? You ridiculous apples didn't fall far from the ridiculous tree! (Oh, by the way: HAI, Craig Maldonado's mom! We is up in ur Googol alertz!) [NY Mag]
  5. "Adventure food!" Not for the squeamish. (Then, again, maybe I'm wrong!) [Thrown For A Loop]

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