Friday, October 12, 2007

Laura Sessions Stepp Will Gray Rape the Mind Grapes of Arlington's Youth

Rusty brings us terrifying news that Laura Sessions Stepp is coming to Arlington to be a part of some sort Community Role Models Mentoring Fair--and just the thought gives me shudders. Parents, if you don't want your children to become screwed-up brain tangles of combatively batty sex advice and gender theory so outmoded that it makes Cardinal Richelieu look like Erica Jong, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO BE "MENTORED" BY LAURA SESSIONS STEPP. Do not let your child go near anyone who bases their mentoring on Laura Sessions Stepp. Hell, allow a week before you even let you kids go into Central Library--that crazy lady's liable to be hiding behind the microfiche player, ready to jump out and grab your kid and begin the sort of dumbing down that can only come from someone who cannot string three paragraphs together without setting off a Bastille Day of pure vine-ripened asininity.

Really. If Arlington County thought it fit to warn us all in emails about that dude with the plastic bag who kept getting pwned by the women he was trying to attack, then I should have some damn Code Red missives up in my Gmail, because the threat of Stepp is much, much worse. Believe that.


Miles said...

Did you actually read about it or did you just skip right into the diatribe on the speaker? The event is not for kids. It's to get Arlington young professionals connected with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and other mentoring groups. If you don't like Laura Sessions Stepp, you can come, check out Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the other groups, and leave. But telling people they should boycott an event designed to get more volunteers to underpriviledged kids? That's messed up.

The Deceiver said...

Naw, dude. What's straight up "messed up" is that you'd base your "mentoring" on anything that was in any way associated with this woman.