Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh, yes! You. Me. Blogging. I Remember.

Oh hai. Yes, I remember that I'm supposed to be some sort of blogger. Forgive the week or so absence. I've been experiencing many delightful changes and some poorly-timed technological hamstringing. But whatever, we've returned, so let's catch you up.

I left my old job.
Yea, verily. A week ago Friday was my final day at the old job. The good news: for once my leaving was a good thing on wholly good terms. I guess the days of restraining orders, irate stares, furtive calls to my lovely lawyer Shayna (Am I within my first amendment rights to urinate on the company server on my last day of work? Evidently not, thanks a LOT founding fathers!), and being frogmarched into the parking garage at the business end of a switchblade are, for the moment, over. The bad news: I really enjoyed the job! So even though I'm happy with my choice of leaving, I remember all those shit jobs I stayed at way too long in my life and feel like if there were any justice in the world, I'd be able to point at my resume and say, "These people? Total aces. That's why I stayed all those years." I had the BEST coworkers and a ridiculously awesome boss, who in turn had a ridiculously awesome boss, and it sucks that my career history, in terms of years, doesn't reflect the enjoyment I experienced working with them.

Is that weird? Well, it's true. My colleagues were kind enough to take me out on my penultimate day, as if they needed reinforcing about how awesome they all were. My last day, I walked through it sort of discombobulated. And when I finally knocked off for the last time, I'll admit it, I felt the loss pretty sharply. It's a lucky thing to be able to spend that significant portion of your waking hours with people who can effortlessly fill it with real delight. I'm sure they'll all be great Facebook friends and Netflix Buddies and they'll help me crash our Christmas Party later on this year.

Two Days of Unemployment:
So, I was unemployed for one weekend and I set out to LIVE! TRULY LIVE!

Actually, nothing life-changing occurred, but it was still a fun couple of days. Me and some Rorschachers turned a print shop's screwup into a lovely breakfast outing, I got to see Stars at the 9:30 Club (truly my favorite band on the earth right now), and then me and the entire internet got together at the Matty/Capps/Becks/Cat/Spack Mid-October Fest, where UVa. didn't convert a fourth down and yet did, I heard of Sommer's tete-a-tete with Kanye West (Ye hearts the bloggers!), experienced new acquaintances without alienating the old, and ZOMG--in the highlight of the evening, someone who I've long figured to be one of the most RIDICULOUS people on the face of the earth hilariously revealed themselves in a display of such full-tilt, freshman-year RIDICULOUSNESS that it all but proved the existence of God, extra-terrestrial life and the G Spot. (And while I've had it on good authority that said RIDICULOUSITE did not, in fact, surreptitiously shack up in the Flophouse confines, you can be quite sure he left behind some ejaculate all the same. Break out the luminol!) Twas PERFECT.

A computer-filled household is hit hard.
This time has been filled with the struggles, as well, as my happy, PC-filled home took a few hits. I am between work laptops, and my desktop is currently comatose. I returned from Las Vegas a few weeks ago to the news that the desktop was having trouble getting out to the internet. I checked the connections, the cables, disabled this and such, enabled that and such--nothing. So, knowing that I should prepare for the worst, I backed everything up and placed the call to Dell technical support. Then I sat back, and watched helplessly as I, as their idiot proxy, followed their instructions to the letter and wound up totally lobotomizing the computer. Argh. Since then, Dell's been kind enough to send along to disks that they say will restore the machine to glory, but I haven't had the heart go get back on the phone with them. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully, it'll all work out or I've got myself a very expensive doorstop.

The new job.
The new job has turned out EXCELLENTLY. I'm enjoying the challenge, excited about having time to reflect on things, loving my new colleagues, and having myself a great time getting up to speed. Each day begins with a blank slate and the need to fill it, and I find myself going home each day feeling pretty damned fulfilled. Which is a good way to be, I think! Plus, I have a lovely view from our window, and Yglesias has proven himself to be a regular Jeff Corwin of the Watergate habitat.

So, anyhoo, a bevy of lame excuses for being an absent blogger, as per blogging protocol. But don't worry, these pages shall once again thrill to the sound of my half-assed musings! Thanks!

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