Friday, October 12, 2007


Hee. When Sommer passed this little tidbit on to me this afternoon, I was racking my brain, trying to figure out when I had ever sent a letter to the editor of the City Paper. Turns out, I hadn't. Which isn't to say that this piece of correspondence isn't a thing of beauty (or that I have good handwriting--I don't). Certainly the argument made in its content isn't going to be refuted by many--it's sort of known medical science by now. But, there is a key piece of evidence missing that proves I didn't pen this wonderful letter to the editor: Had I submitted this, it would have included an invoice for the cost of the stamp.

That said, I fully approve of this author's efforts--though it's probably best to just go down to Champlain and affix your theses right to the door with gum or something. I hope that Andrew Beaujon will do his best to make sure this missive is preserved. When the aliens come to sift through our apocalyptic remains, it will serve as fitting proof that not everybody walking the face of the earth was a stone cold dumbass.

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Anonymous said...

To which I can only add "Amen," and "If any sentence a CityPaper writer composed was ever as well-constructed as the above post, it might be work picking up a free copy once in a while. As it is, I find the average Junior High School literary magazine to be less juvenile and trying-too-hard."