Thursday, October 04, 2007

Push the Little Daisies and Make 'Em Come Up!

Okay. For the record, I was not looking forward to seeing this show. I totally figured that I would hate it. Guess what? It's FUN! And sort of achingly romantic. And the avalanche of stultifying WHIMSY I thought would be coming is significantly leavened by a pomo snarky archness that's actually quite winning. The Metacritics seem to agree: this 86 grade is the highest garnered by any new television series. I decree it officially Season Passable.

Bet you can guess what show has gotten the lowest grade from Metacritic!

Yowch! It doesn't get much worse than "Extreme dislike or disgust!" Tom has more on this matter here, though, for what it's worth, the decisions made in his scenario would have probably made Studio 60 at least 40% more interesting.

Tomorrow night=30 Rock premiere! Ready yr mindgrapes!


Fletch said...

Pushing Daisies=Amelie for the small screen. Cutesy and colorful, but a little light on substance.

blog prince said...

One of the Cavemen was in my class at school. Bill English. Good pay day for him, while it lasted.