Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Service Journalism.

An item from the DCist tip line:

If you have any interest in buying an apartment in SE near the new ballpark, avoid Capitol Hill Towers. You see, I live here and rent a parking space for $175 a month. But the building management decided they’d rather screw the residents and allow hotel and public parking. So when I come home later at night I’m left without a parking space. So much for that $175 a month. I’ll be moving as soon as my lease ends…cause frankly, the building isn’t worth dealing with that crap.
Good to note, but you pretty much had me at "apartment in SE near the new ballpark." You'd have to straight up have your head examined if you're dumb enough to live near the effing baseball stadium. Let alone buy an apartment there. Sheesh.


ryan said...


The Deceiver said...

Can you imagine? The traffic, the hassle, the noise, the lack of parking, the trash, the drunks, the way your neighborhood has to succumb to a different set of priorities eighty days out of the year, and most of all, the Phillies fans? No thanks. There was some talk at one point about putting the stadium down near where I live, in Rosslyn, and I cracked open a cold one to celebrate once it was clear that we had dodged that bullet.

ryan said...

I mean, it kind of sounds like Adams Morgan.

Looking at the development plans for the land around the stadium, it's hard not to feel that's going to be a pretty cool place to be in a few years. Lot's of nice walkable retail areas, easy Metro access to the rest of the city, proximity to the waterfront.

They're going to have the same strict parking rules about residential areas that they had at RFK. Traffic on game days might be bad, but only if you're trying to drive. And really, there's no escaping obnoxious Philly expats. That neighborhood won't be for everyone, but it won't be a hellhole.

sc in dc said...

Didn't they get rid of all the clubs down there? What's going on late at night where the parking garage would get filled up?