Friday, October 12, 2007

Tiny Cups of Bad Yogurt.

Oh hai. I'm at McCarran Airport and my flight is delayed, but there's free public wi-fi, so I'm blogging.

A few minutes ago, a passed a crowd of people who were just arriving in Vegas. As they went by, this kid--maybe eleven years old--blurted out in a reverent semi-whisper of awe and surprise, "TCBY!" Yes, here at the airport, there is a TCBY, and it pleased this kid greatly. I've not spent a lot of time on the west coast lately...maybe this part of the country is only now getting to know The Country's Best Yogurt. But it sure excited this kid, and in a very specific way.

See, this wasn't an example of a child yelling "Me wanty!" and settling in for an extended tantrum of demand-seeking. Not at all. In fact, the kid made no move toward the TCBY or otherwise indicated that he really wanted some. That there was a TCBY at all was enough for this young man. His exclamation was the McCarran Airport Circa Today version of "What brave new world is this, that has two flavors of hopefully uncursed fro-yo that might blend, mix and resolve itself into a swirl!" It was the very idea of the TCBY and its successful existence that buoyed this child, lifted his spirits, and lit a light in him that would almost certainly ensure that he'll be able to bravely face the days to come.

So, in Vegas, things are looking up for optimism. I silently applauded the kid, not just for his enthusiasm, but for the way he made it clear that he was placing no massive external demands on this thing we call life. Is there an airport with a TCBY somewhere? Yes. And that's enough. This kid's attitude will serve him in good stead, as I believe that one day, a decade from now, he will have a moment where he surveys his nondescript existence and exclaims with all the joy a formerly young man can muster: "Yes! Middle management!"


Beth said...

I need to get back that simple joy. Wonder if there's a TCBY nearby?

The Commentator said...

Any idea where the kid was coming from? Overseas? Midwest? I don't have much faith in the future generation but this is a good thing to know.