Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Uhm, Nice Try.

Oy. That's some pretty fancy talk coming from the douchebag who pens such rhetorical atrocities as: "You hear old-timey carnival sounds being plundered, freakish chants, stabs at free jazz and air kisses to Bowie. You hear everything. Sometimes you hear everything all at once." Hey, twit! We hear you're not hearing much of anything lately!

"Air kisses to Bowie." Christ. I could not make this shit up if I tried.


Anonymous said...

As someone who used to *work* with this malcontented and malignant twerp, I say "Huzzah!" to this post.

Anonymous said...

Cherkis is a phenomenally untalented ass. It's actually painful to read anything he "writes."

Mike said...

Hey, I enjoyed your previous attack on both me and JC("Douchebag Slapfight at the City Paper!"). Keep up the good work! Michael Little