Tuesday, October 09, 2007


When next I write, I'll be coming to you from The City That Didn't Bring You Piety or Restraint, Las Vegas, Nevada. I think we've spoken on this before: trip for work, possible OJ trial, me doing reporter-type things, hoping the week goes by quickly. I really have very low expectations, since it looks like I won't get much more than four hours a day of free time--and that's out of twenty-four. Still, if you count cards and can stand being around people who are expensing everything, look me up at the Mandalay Bay. Assuming my room reservation is solid. Otherwise, look for me at a Best Western, and bring some luminol so I can thoroughly vet my bedding.

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Missy said...

Have an awesome time - I literally just got back from Mandalay Bay last week. Awesome pools (a lazy river!), fun wine bar in the "mall" area with a really cool bartender, if you can afford to expense it, have dinner and vodka flights at Red Square in your hotel, this weird communist Russia-themed restaurant.