Monday, October 15, 2007


Amanda and I are among those who are giddy at Virginia getting ranked 19 in the initial BCS standings. Hoo-rah-ray, right? Actually, this probably says more about the essential tweedledumbery of the BCS system as it does anything else. Is beating UConn a quality win these days? There was a time that a win over UConn and 2 dollars couldn't get you a Gusburger.

Of course, I remember a time when we were ranked number one in the nation. And, that, ladies and gentlemen, was like having an ecstacy and angel-cum hoagie injected right into your thymus gland. I mean, you didn't believe an effing word of it, but holy shit: UVA WAS THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION! THE NATION! POSSIBLY THE WORLD! AT THE VERY LEAST NAFTA!

Of course, that feeling only lasted a few hundred hours, as Georgia Tech came to town and the Satan-kissed foot of Scott Sisson (if I remember it right, though, Satan kisses the feet of all Yellowjacket kickers) sent us tumbling back down the AP. That game was the beginning of so many things going wrong. In fact, I can say with certainty that Georgia Tech was responsible for initiating all of the shame spirals of my youth.

Anyway, I look ahead on our schedule and see that all of our challenging games (Maryland, Miami, Va. Tech) lay ahead. But for the next five days, we're going to celebrate the inclusion.


Brett said...

Guess who was the OC of that Georgia Tech team? That's right... Ralph Friedgen. I'm going to assume he was a svelte 300 pounds judging by the timeline... good luck Saturday.

The Deceiver said...

Oh, shit! Well if that isn't a bad sign...