Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DCeptette: Defiantly cruisey!

  1. Just what we needed: another restaurant serving shrimp-n-grits at ridiculous haute cuisine prices. [DCist]
  2. "Forces of nature don't have testicles." [Deadspin]
  3. It's a classic comic/cartoon trope: the good guys and the bad guys team up to fight the WORSE guys. Fittingly, the internet legions of Ron Paul supporters fill in as the WORSE guys in the greatest political blog team up since the guys from Bloggingheads combined the edge-of-your-seat thrill of battling policy wonks with the radical frisson of Vietnam War hostage movies. Really, the only thing that could top this would be for Cosmo to run a list of sex tips jointly proffered by Jessica Cutler and Robert Steinbuch. [Wonkette]
  4. Stand up and take back your bathroom stalls for their intended purpose, DC! [Gridskipper]
  5. You will read few things more wonderful today than John Scalzi's description of his visit to the Creation Museum. [Whatever]


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