Thursday, November 08, 2007

DCeptette: Turndown at the Lie-Barry

  1. The blogger at Lost City does a magnificent job chronicling the demise of the real New York City under the boot of development, and, as you might expect from a city that's slowly succumbing to massive, hedge-fund douchery, the news is typically bad. Happily though, he's got news of a development project that might be a blend of old-school cool and twenty-first century mash-up: "A low-rise hotel with a bonafied library in the basement and secret passageways to a former speakeasy. It's literary and liquored up!" [Lost City]
  2. Brace yourselves: "An AU Alum's Guide to Tenleytown and Environs." [Gridskipper]
  3. I learn something new every day: "Hockey, of course, represents a dystopian vision of Canadian global hegemony..." Uhm...okay! All the same, could somebody please explain "icing" to me? [Yglz, on FreeDarko]
  4. Apparently, we were never promised a rose garden. Just taxi meters. [DCist]
  5. We support the WGA! [United Hollywood]

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