Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DCeptette: Bought In Bulk Version

  1. Could someone please remind Agent Zero that, as an NBA all-star, he has every right to expect to be waist-deep in genitalia? [Deadspin]
  2. Not sure how $30/person for brunch qualifies as "cheap" (I'm looking at you, Creme!), but here are Gridskipper's favorite places to be drunk, dumb, and full of brunch. [Gridskipper]
  3. This article, which depicts the nimrod gentry at play in the fields of Costco, is sort of the journalistic equivalent of watching Monty Python's "Upper Class Twit of the Year" sketch. But you'd be surprised to discover just how many people are out there dining on Costco fare when they believe themselves to be sitting at overhyped area restaurants. Hey, people standing in line outside Pasta Mia! We're looking at you! [New York Times]
  4. Hey! Did you know that Duncan Hunter is still running for president? We didn't either!
  5. “Our therapist thinks we should get a divorce, but we can’t afford it.” Well...hie thee to East Orange, New Jersey! That's where the Wife and I passed a lawyer's office which boldly advertised, "Divorce, $399." Wife of DCeiver and I, of course, have no plans to divorce one another, but at those prices, we'd have been foolish to not consider it. Think of the savings! [Average Jane]

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KCinDC said...

“Pigs in blankets, salamis, salmon, shrimp, pâté, cheese,” said Mrs. Bennett, remembering her parties.

Pigs in blankets!? Do they also serve Jell-O salad with marshmallows in it?