Thursday, November 15, 2007

DC's Massive Loss is My Temporary, Miniscule Gain

This evening, I went down to the Longworth House Office Building to view a panel discussion sponsored by the Out of Iraq Caucus. I remember wondering, before it began, "How do they schedule such things when there's no ironclad certainty as to when the members might have to go vote?"

As it happens, that's what did happen. Yellow lights and ugly klaxon sounds signalled that a vote was taking place. And, fittingly, it was the Iraq Withdrawal Bill, which, if you are a member of the Out of Iraq Caucus, you sort of have to show up to. How did the panel continue without the voting members present? Easy! Eleanor Holmes Norton was in attendance, and she ably steered the discussion during her colleagues' absence. Thank God DC doesn't have a vote in Congress, I guess! That could have gotten awkward.

Anyway, don't let anyone tell you that Norton doesn't contribute to the greater good. She held it down. She did not yield!

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