Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Future Is Just How You Imagined It.

I believe in being thorough, so one of the things I did this weekend was procure myself a copy of Southland Tales: The Prelude Saga so that I could be up to speed when the movie comes out this weekend (I think). I anticipate that I'll enjoy this movie, that most people will hate it, and that perhaps the only person I'll be able to convince to go with me to see it is Tommy.

That said: Okay. Wow. This Prelude Saga, I'm not sure I entirely get it. I mean...I think I have a handle on everything that went down, but the graphic novel is such a Talmudic compendium of mindfuckery that it's anybody's guess. Someone on the Wikipedia went to enormous, and, I gather, totally unappreciated lengths to summarize the plot of the first third of the Prelude Saga, and, based upon their recap, I was following the story just fine.

Similar summaries of the second and third parts of the book have not been attempted, and that's too bad, because that's where things start getting fairly freak-a-dee very quickly. Basically, you find out that the script Sarah Michelle Gellar's character has sort of scammed the amnesiac actor played by The Rock into producing is the product of a wacked-out experiment that began with a plane flying through some vortex of high weirdness and ended with Gellar under hypnosis, revealing how the world is going to end in the form of this screenplay. Seann William Scott plays two characters, which, if the history of film is any guide, may be two too many for him. There's this shit called "Liquid Karma" that's been mined from a heretofore undiscovered vein from deep in the Earth that people inject and start tripping balls. Amy Poehler, Cheri Oteri and the dude who played Avon Barksdale on The Wire are a group of Marxist rebels who apparently spun off from the Groundlings (which is exactly how I imagine this WGA strike is going to end, when you think about it). There's some stuff about evolution, or at least about not making bowel movements, and eventually, questions that are sorta raised by Justin Timberlake are sorta answered by Kevin Smith. And that last sentence alone proves that several barrels of weed were consumed in pre-production.

Basically, this movie is going to either make Richard Kelly's career or it's going to end it. And I've done you a disservice right away by only using the phrase "tripping balls" once in the above summation. Really, I could have just written "tripping balls" four-hundred times and you'd be just as prepared as I am to see this movie.


Tom said...

This all sounds very, very promising.

Victor9000 said...

You know this film was at the 2006 Cannes film festival, and has been foundering for 18 months due to its extraordinary badness, right?
Donnie Darko was an accidentally-successful grab bag of a film put together by someone who tossed in a bunch of elements from other films that were worth a damn. Richard Kelly doesn't know what he's doing. Watch the last 20 minutes of his commentary to Darko if you don't believe me.
Sorry to rant, but I enjoy your site for its bulls**t-calling, and I think you're dropping the ball here.
I look forward to your review.

The Deceiver said...

I take what you are saying seriously, Victor...don't get me wrong. You're speakin' some free range truth. I'm well aware of the film's somewhat troubled past, as well as some of the big time deficencies of DARKO.

You're right to suggest that I'm poised to drop the ball, too. The only thing I can say is that Kelly presses some buttons with me...his whole vibe is like junkfood for my mind--complicated and flawed visions of grim dystopias with wack ass ideas...I have to admit in advance, this is the sort of shit I eat up without being critical. I think just about everyone experiences this sort of weird relationship with something they perversely enjoy despite its glaring flaws. So, let's just say I'm putting this out there as a tacit admission of pre-culpability.

That said, I'll do my best to be objective. And having waded this far out into the deep end, I can't not complete the swim!

the Fiery Sword said...

Cannes can suck it. Based only upon the preview I watched here on this blog, I have decided that if this film came in a snortable format, I would be found tits up in a motel bathroom with a straw so far up my nose you could see my pituitary gland through it.

I'm so hyped that I probably won't even go see the movie, just so I can maintain my excitement about it indefinitely.

Coeus said...

Where did you pick up the comic? The local Barnes and Nobles supposedly ordered me a copy, but it hasn't come in yet. I need my backstory!

The Deceiver said...

I was in the same mindset, calling up Barnes and Noble, Borders, getting the news that it was gonna take days to get in.

That's when I had my "I couldda had a V8 moment." Duh, it's a comic book! I got on the phone with the people from Big Planet comics, and twenty minutes later, I had a copy in hand (along with the first collection of the Buffy "Season 8" and the recommended "Y: The Last Man."