Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh, noes! Fox News can no has cheezburger!

Sometime ago, Paul H. and I were talking about Rupert Murdoch's tendency to keep his media offerings cheap, no doubt so that he can keep a pile of cash around to buy stuff like the Wall Street Journal and the souls of aborted Chinese babies. A prime exhibit is MySpace, and Paul has got a sense of the operating infrastructure of that enterprise fairly nailed, so I'll invite him to share his take in the comments.

Another place Rupert saves a share of coin is on the tatty-ass Fox News website, which is arguably the worst-in-class when compared to similar offerings from CNN and MSNBC. A fine example of their site's overarching cheapness can be seen in the photo they always run in the feature editorial well. Browse on out, on any given day, and tell me that their feature photo doesn't look like it was constructed using a LOLCat generator.

Over the course of the year, some of the LOLFoxes are more memorable than others. However, this one, from two or so weeks ago, may be the best one Fox has ever run:

So, cheap. But so, so inspired!

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