Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our New City Paper Overlords Make Troubling Decisions

As you know, the Washington City Paper will soon switch from being run by Chicagoans to being run by Atlantans. And it's not a good sign that the new folks seem to firing all the wrong people. Today, we were tipped by our pal PVo that the CP's devilishly faboo illustrator Rob "Atom Bomb Bikini" Ullman is getting the axe:

I suppose changes were inevitable, and the one I personally dreaded most has come to pass. As of the end of 2007, I'll no longer be illustrating Savage Love in the City Paper. I think it's more of a budget thing than a they-think-I-suck thing, but it's nevertheless devastating and depressing.
Ullman's got some great publications for sale on his site, so we'll be swapping out some of our preliminary gift-giving ideas for some of his wares. If you've got friends who like sex, boobs, sexy boobs, or childrens' stories that revolve around Wake Forest University's mascot, why not do the same?

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