Friday, November 02, 2007

Red Wine, Success!

Okay: Everything went according to plan, today.

New laptop is arrived. With bigger screen! But that means longer laptop. And that means it almost didn't fit in my courier bag. But in the end, it did. I just won't be able to carry as much in it. This, however, can be seen as a good thing: I carry way too much shit in it now. Really, am I going to read three back issues of The Believer on my fifteen minute commute?

Discs to fix the desktop have arrived. Now just ginning up the mental fortitude to spend another few hours on the phone with Dell technical support.

Wife of DCeiver has been accepted into UVa's initial licensure program. Thanks to some or all of the Governess' childhood friends!

IRS to DCeiver: "Our bad." Hey, it happens. I told y'all to chill and I'd figure out what went wrong. Really, it's my bad: I forgot to attach a form.

The person I wanted to fill my old position filled my old position. So, congrats to Kristen! I think you took on an air of Hillaryesque inevitability when we moved you into my old office. And when they didn't ask you about Spitzer's drivers' license program.

So, in short, today was great. And tomorrow: Work-related field trip!

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the g said...

woot. tell WoD congrats, and quite frankly, thakn god knowing/knowing of me didn't completely fuck her over.