Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Riveting Inanity of WaPo's 'Crack' Flap.

Forgive us, but we are frankly gobsmacked by the way the Washington Post's classical music critic, Tim Page, is getting railroaded for this email he sent that complained, in part, "Must we hear about it every time this Crack Addict attempts to rehabilitate himself with some new — and typically half-witted — political grandstanding?" Further, we're at a total loss as to why Channel 9's Bruce Johnson found this newsworthy.

Page has been placed on some sort of disciplinary leave by Executive Editor Len Downie. And that's just ridiculous. Not being allowed to refer to Marion Barry as a "crack addict" is like not being allowed to refer to the period of time between 6am and 10am as "the morning." Let's face it: if Family Feud posed a survey questions to one hundred average Americans, "What is the first word that pops into your head when you hear the name "Marion Barry," the number one answer would be "crack." The number two answer would be "Bitch set me up." The number five answer would probably be "gasification." And the number three, four, and six through seventeen would also be "crack." The number eighteen answer would be "Shepilov" because you just know there'd be that one guy who wants to sound clever, like he's some sort of deep-ass Marion Barry expert or something.

So there's just no justice for Page, save the fact that, according to Fishbowl, area media types agree that the punishment he's been handed is "too harsh." Barry's people apparently want Page to be fired--and the Post's response should be a succinct, "Shut up, crackhead." Anyway, here's hoping that the next email Bruce Johnson gets refers to Len Downie as a "pointless little pinheaded scold."

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