Friday, November 30, 2007


Where Iraq is concerned, the Bush administration is terrified of having to set "a date certain" for the withdrawal of troops. In the first place, "a date certain?" Who talks like that? Is that from William Wordsworth or something? But, more importantly, in their mind, if they circle the calendar, the TERRORS and the QAEDAS and the ISLAMOVOLDEMORTS will circle theirs, too - but through this magical, dateless, goalless, arcane formula for doing whatever it is we're doing in Iraq, it will so befuddle the minds of our enemies that they'll somehow forget to do the thing they are currently doing anyway, which is biding their time and spending our money.

Oh, but when it comes to matters domestic, the administration is all about making deadlines! Via Wonkette, we learn that FEMA has decided to start tossing people from the poisoned trailers they set up for those displaced by Katrina.

FEMA officials said Wednesday that the agency planned to close all the trailer camps it runs for victims of the 2005 hurricanes by the end of May, including its biggest camp for evacuees, outside of Baton Rouge. Here in New Orleans, 926 families are living in smaller FEMA camps, some of which are supposed to close within days. The agency says its action is intended to hasten the move of residents from trailers to permanent housing, and officials said FEMA is committed to helping them find new housing before the parks close. Counselors will work with residents to track down available apartments.

“We’re with them every step of the way,” said Diane L. W. Perry, a spokeswoman for the agency here, who added that no one will be forced out of a trailer without a home in which to live.

Uhm, except one cannot simultaneously close down trailer camps by the end of May AND promise that "no one will be forced out of a trailer without a home in which to live," can one?

FEMA insists that setting dates is only being done so that the people affected can "make plans" and not become co-dependent on government handouts. And speaking of codependency...after all, that'll mean less tax dollars available for Nouri al-Maliki to cart off the next time his itching palm comes to town.

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