Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dceptette: Don't Even Get Me Started On the Acid Blood Version

  1. I really was beginning to wonder how the diet pills and Jennifer Connelly and the double-ended dildo was supposed to figure into this movie, but then Tom came along and explained it all for me. [Manifest Destiny]
  2. Yikes. Two friends from my high school attempted to apply a layer of polish to this turd, the Zyzzyx Road of 2007, to no avail. And yet, I think I'm saddest for Penelope Ann Miller. [Jezebel]
  3. Consumerist becomes the first Gawker blog to be read into the Congressional Record. You can read all about it here, or, if you prefer, just wait until they put out the Gawker Guide To Conquering All Media, Second Edition.
  4. Via Taegan Goddard, Hillary Clinton apparently told the Des Moines Register, "I don't know what is going to happen on January 3rd, and I don't think anybody does." Which is too bad, because, if she did know what was going to happen on January 3rd, that would be a pretty unique skill for a President to have. [TG's Political Wire]
  5. David Catania calls 911. It goes about as well as you probably expect. [DCist]

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