Thursday, December 06, 2007

In Case You Hadn't Noticed, Dennis Kucinich Has An Awesome Marriage

Whether or not Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich wins the Democratic nomination - and, uhm...he won't - there's one thing that nobody can deny: the man is straight PIMP. While John Kerry and George W. Bush were fighting over who was going to end up stuck with the responsibility of running the country, the Kooch was looking for love, and he eventually found it in the form of Brit Elizabeth Harper. Statuesque, ginger-haired, whip-smart, and hotter than a marshmallow in a campfire, Elizabeth can't help but be the most interesting thing in the room whenever she finds herself in proximity to the Democratic field. This noted peacenik's face may not have launched a thousand ships of war, but even Joe Biden cops to wanting to see her "topless towers of Ilium."

A lengthy piece for the Washington Post by Libby Copeland, gives readers the essential blow-by-blow of their relationship, and frankly, it's so filled with wacky cosmic coincidences that it makes you wonder if maybe Kucinich isn't totally attuned to the mysteries of the known universe after all.


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