Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rudolph: Special Victims Unit

Think about the denizens of the Island of Misfit Toys. Train with square wheels? Sucks to be you. A bird that swims? Abomination! A cowboy...that rides an ostrich? Know what, dude? We all have our cross to bear.

But what's wrong with the little girl doll? There's nothing outwardly "misfit" about her, and her affliction never comes up. What's wrong with her? Is she on Valtrex? Is she an octoroon and all the normal toys racist or something? Did she make a porn tape with Rick Salomon? It really kinda creeps me out!


Thundercheese said...

She's a Ginger, man.

PK said...

Wow, what timing - this was JUST on Wait Wait a few weeks ago and I happened to listen to the podcast while driving tonight. According to Rankin, in an interview, Suzie (?) is DEPRESSED and suffering from psychological problems. I kid you not.

Not sure if there's any significance, but this was the answer to a question put to Dana Perino in the "Not My Job" segment...