Thursday, December 20, 2007

To Break Me, I'd Recommend Any Of That Awful Animal Collective Crap

Matt makes note of the use of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a means of torture (I'm guessing more One Hot Minute than The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, but then, who knows how Zubaydah rolls), and muses: "On a semi-serious note, I have to think you'd feel just terrible if you learned that your music was being used as part of a regime of torture."

Funny thing, according to a recent item in RADAR, making fun of the "worst pitches" ever presented before film industry talent, there's this:

Rock Op
The Pitch: Empire Records meets Rendition.
The Premise: "A DJ who specializes in playing 'torture' music to extract information from detainees. A major producer took my partner and me out to China Grill to discuss his idea," says a screenwriter. "He said he had Jim Carrey on board for the title role. He described the first scene of the movie as, 'Jim Carrey hops into a limo after getting a page in the middle of a show he's performing. Cut to him walking, slow motion, into a dark room, where a tense interrogation of a drug dealer is taking place. He proceeds to break out two black bags that contain ... turntables.' That was the last we heard."
Suggested Tagline: Rockin' for the free world.
Naturally, in my own perverse way, I think that with enough of an arch, satiric voice, this would make a pretty fine flick.

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