Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Washington Social Christmas

Oh hai. We went to the Washington Social Christmas show tonight, and it was great!

The 9:30's halls were decked, obvs.

Caverns served as the house band for the evening, offering evil sounding versions of Christmas songs - including a hilarious dirge-version of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" (quietly introduced by the singer, "This is a song about some stuff my family is still going through), as well as their own songs.
Santa came out with a lascivious rap, and he gave out gifts. Thanks for the iTunes gift card, Santa!
Jukebox the Ghost were massive fun. Like getting hit in the face with a candy cane.
JtG did a pretty terrific version of "What's This?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was somehow fitting, given their general rambunctiousness and Ben Thornewill's Danny Elfman-like vocals.
Yeah, so, the guys who used to hang out on the back corner of my high school parking lot formed a band, came forward in time, named themselves the Dance Party, and rocked our faces off.
See! Someone bought a Zwan shirt!

Laura Burhenn was in fine form last night. Voice was absolutely at its best.
Susan and Emily of Exit Clov, hard to shoot behind a music stand.
Susan of Exit Clov. By the way, we're by no means 100% this is Susan. It could be Emily. Twins, you know.
The Clovs sang with Laura on this one song, and good weet damn it was gorgeous.
Also, May Tabol of Le Loup played and sang along as well!
Nicole from Le Loup and Susan and Emily from Exit Clov were part of the Fairytale of New York supergroup.
Would everyone please stand for the National Anthem of Christmas?
WSC's Olivia Mancini was a Christmas superhero.
Martin Royle was on fire.
Only The G. rocks this particular haircut harder.
Yeah, yeah. We thought you'd say that.

WSC, for all your dancey, shout-along needs in the New Year.

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Coeus said...

I was thoroughly impressed with the show. I had an excellent time and loved all the band intermingling during sets.