Thursday, December 06, 2007

What If You Gave A Debate On NPR And Nobody Liveblogged It?

In the days before YouTubes and TeeVee Tubes, Americans made do with radios - stone age technology filled with transistors and radio "waves" that travelled through the air and landed on antennas. And Americans gathered around their radios for "Fireside chats" and "radio shows" that relied on listeners using the powers of their crappy "imaginations" - a plan that went horribly awry after Orson Welles broadcast his "War of the Worlds" radio show, causing normally sensible Americans to take complete leave of their senses and take to the streets in a panic because Dennis Kucinich was not there to tell us all that the aliens had come in peace. Luckily, people were hard at work on the television at the time, the popularity of which would all but ensure the dulling and destruction of our pesky "imaginations."

But, even today, silly retro-minded jerks take to the radio to broadcast things to people that are trapped in their automobiles and under heavy objects, and these broadcasts apparently include things like last night's Democratic Candidate Debate, hosted by National Public Radio. Did you miss it? That's too bad! Mike Gravel was there! Here's what happened:

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