Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What We Learned About Ladies Today.

Oh hai interwebs. Guess what we learned about teh femiladygrrrls today? Uhm, okay. Their mauves and lemon yellows are totes distracting, taking us to a "grown up world of Garanimals" because their pantsuits send mixed messages full of "peacock bravado!" Pee? Cock? See what we sayin'? Also: They form orgies of corruption in which they steal our cash dollar billz so that they can make with the mad shopping. I mean, OH NOES: “Women are no more honest, decent or moral than men...they have the opportunity, the training and the skill to embezzle.”

We = scared? Maybe. Still, we think that in spite of these scary new facts about the femiladygrrrls, we are going to continue to have the sex with them. KTHXBYE!

RELATED: Sommer makes killer whales at Harry Jaffe. And when I say "killer whales," I mean she whaled on him till she killed him.

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EdTheRed said...

Note to self: if ever you encounter Sommer anywhere near Penetration Park, run.