Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Would You Buy A Schooner From This Actress?

People who are close to us already know full well about our boundless affection for our friend and frequent artistic collaborator Rahaleh Nassri. Actress, directrix and author of The Spider in My Vagina or whatever the hell the new working title of that playlet is now, she is one of the coolest and most thoroughly enjoyable people I've ever met. Massively talented, whip-smart, and dead sexy to boot, she's enough of a force of nature that if I ever felt the need to give a stranger the impression that I am constantly running into stupendously cool people, I'd consider hiring her to "run into me" unexpectedly.

She can pull that surreptitious shit off, too. Which is why I was enormously pleased to read the following in a recent Washington Post profile of her:

Theatrical dialogue is not usually a challenge for Rahaleh Nassri. She speaks four languages, plays out ornate hoaxes in public -- reading fortunes in espresso grounds in a Swiss cafe, impersonating a would-be spy being recruited in Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe -- and has performed with the Washington Shakespeare Company.
Oh, my. They don't even know the half of her ornate hoaxing. I'm not going to tell tales out of school, but baby, she is the long con. Kudos to the Post for capturing the Woman in Full.

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IMGoph said...

and she's threatened to have me kidnapped over a cartographic snafu, which i don't think qualifies as a hoax, but it sure caught my attention! :)