Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yay Christmas!

One of the things about the Christmas season is, your dance card fills up awful quick-like. This past weekend, I was invited back to my old company's blowout Holiday fete at the Mayflower and bore witness to drums! And tango! And bellydancing! And the longest, drunkingest raffle in the history of man! And enough Soulja Boy to satisfy anyone's weekend quota. Twas super fun, and I really can't thank my old coworkers enough for extending me an invitation to come play. Then, Sunday, another group of friends gathered for one of our annual traditions: the Decompression Thanksgiving - all of the fun of Thanksgiving meal without any of the simmering familial resentment or passive-aggression. Or at least that's what I'm told happens in many, many families! Anyway, there were pictures of weddings in New Delhi to enjoy and other people's babies (really, the best kind of babies) to coo at.

This coming weekend looks to be similarly packed in, with the Official DCist Staff Holiday party happening on Thursday, a going-away soiree for the lovely and talented Madelyn Rubin on Friday, and then this great big wonderful mess at the 9:30 club on Saturday. A tip of the hat to Cat Andrews, who filed this trenchant reminder that some of my favorite area musicians were going to stage this paean to the holidays. There's so much I like about it that it may as well have been direct-marketed to me, but really, they had me at the mention that there would be a performance of the song I call The National Anthem of Christmas.

Fun! And we still have Christmas Weekend at Iota with Arlington's own Last Train Home to come!


Jules said...

Aren't you popular.

Eric said...

Yay Christmas, indeed!
Thanks for the "shout out"....
This is Eric in Last Train Home, and we look forward to playing for you at IOTA! We're there Fri Dec 21, Sat Dec. 22 and Sun. Dec 23 (matinee show!) so take your pick!
See you there...
-- Eric