Friday, January 25, 2008

Bridges, Weddings, Ayn Rand, and Mike Huckabee

So, the weirdest part of tonight's GOP debate was that moment where Mike Huckabee forever lost the vote of every fiscal conservative and pretend-fiscal-conservative-actually-an-antitax-freakmonger in the world by proposing a weird-ass, horrible version of the New Deal in which we add lanes to I95 from Maine on down. Silly Huckabee! Doesn't he know that's the sort of labor that gets done by illegals and Mitt Romnet Big Dig incompetents who drop large slabs of concrete on people?

Anyway, the blogger formerly known as DCSOB was watching it, as well, and remarked: "Also, I-95 goes over the George Washington Bridge in New York, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Washington and any number of other bottlenecks. Do you really think Huck is going to knock down the GWB to build a wider one?"

Trenchant! Because I personally had my inaugural experience with the wonder that is the GWB over the weekend, and my kneejerk reaction is that the bridge is an intractable mistake that nevertheless would only get worse if you tried to "improve" it. Really. It is fucked up and unpleasant and someone really is going to have to explain the three minute limits on idling and the signs that are posted under the apartments about some "Siamese" nonsense. Anthropologically speaking, however, I enjoyed the experience. It remained the fastest way for me to get to my destination, a wedding in New Rochelle, from where I stayed the night, in Denville, NJ.

The wedding was Greek Orthodox and awesome. The reception, was an insane amount of food and plenty of additional merriment, held at a place called the Fountainhead, whose elegant interiors were masked by an austere exterior design that had me wondering if the whole thing was somehow based upon the teachings of Ayn Rand. Was I going to experience my first ever Objectivist wedding reception? Would it be an evening of pulling myself up by my bootstraps? Sadly, it would seem not: our friends Meg and Matt brought their infant daughter to the shindig (adorable, by the way) and the staff went out of their way to ensure her comfort - not at all the way the Ayn Rand daycare functioned in the Simpsons.

Anyway, if Ayn Rand's acolytes can consistently deliver such delicious osso bucco and filets mignons, then I say, let Atlas shrug!

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